My name is Safia and I’m a 22 years old non-binary aroace Muslim Canadian living in Toronto. I’m a Harry Potter fanatic and know way too much about the series even after all these years. I’m a Slytherin and Ravenclaw, if you’re interested.

I read pretty quickly and I usually finish books in a day or two, longer if I find it boring or I start to get annoyed with it. Besides novels, I also read comics/graphic novels, poetry, plays and a whole lot of fanfiction.

My favourite genres are fantasy, supernatural, and mystery. I like to read work that have narratives and/or authors that fall within the LGBTQIAP+ spectrum. I tend to shy away from romance heavy stories, mostly because they usually focus around the romantic relationship and ignore all other kinds of relationships. I do read them if the MCs involved are trans, non-conforming, or enby, because I do feel those romantic narratives are often sidelined for cis MCs.